Finicky rooster!


7 Years
Sep 30, 2012
Norton, MA
The adorable, gentle, new little rooster we just got loves corn. Yup, corn. That's about it.
I have yet to see him eat any of the layer pellets in the bowl, or any mealworm tossed to him. He'll eat bread, too. How can I help him get better nutrition?

He does forage all day in the large, overgrown garden. It's getting cold here, so can he actually still find worms, bugs, and slugs? In the past week, we've tossed into the garden some fresh pumpkin guts and seeds, freshly chopped apples, a container of yogurt, some red seedless grapes. I'm not sure if he's tried any of those things or not. The girls have enjoyed them.

He seems to only recognize corn and bread as food. He's over 3 years old, and came from a poorly-run farm that had dead chickens laying about. He was a rescue. His health is great now, but want his nutrition to improve. Ideas?

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