Finished my Roosts finally!!

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12 Years
Jan 24, 2011
Bristol, VT
My Coop
My Coop

I made a ladder that has 7 two foot rungs on it. I also put a perch in front of the nesting boxes. They were so interested in what I was doing I had a hard time keeping them off the roosts while I finished them up. It was so crazy.
Lucky chickens! Your coop looks awesome! I used an old wooden ladder in the outside area and my chickies love it. They are so much fun to play & 'experiment' with!
Thank you I am really loving getting to play with them and learn about their personalities. I had my first escapee today. I think she went under the gate but not sure if she did that or flew the coop. I am thinking it's time to clip their wings but then will I need to build them a ramp to get to the nesting boxes. I am worried about doing it and then they won't be able to get there to lay their eggs.

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