Finished the Chicken Tractor!!!

4 Love of Baby Chickens

12 Years
Aug 15, 2007
The middle of Middle Tennessee
Well except for the door.
I still gotta put the hinge's on the board and attach it to the tractor.

Koda was curious and was investigating the tractor when I went into the barn but when I came out carrying Penny (the RSL) and Bab's (the RIR x RSL) and then went back to grab Carmel and Coal (the mixbreeds) from the coop she understood.

She started doing what she's bred to do. Good girl.
When Blue one of my barn cat's started to creep up on the chickens like she was hunting them Koda chased her away.


I had to get a closeup of the 4 hens I have in the tractor in the yard. I love my chickens and they seem to be having the time of their life's scratching, pecking and eating grass.


But I want a name for the Chicken tractor but I don't have any idea's what to name it. Do any of y'all have a suggestion?
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Isn't chicken tractor a name? How about the mini cooper?

It is going to have a house attached? In case it rains.
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No they have a coop already. A predator proof coop. No way am I going to make another coop and have to fight to make it predator proof and loose alot of chickens in the process.

They were having so much fun I hated it when I had to break up their fun because it just started raining 15 minutes ago. Oh well maybe it won't rain tomorrow.
This is great! I'm thinking about doing something like this for my chickens. I want to be able to move them under my fruit tree when I need them to clean up the fruit, or to spots in my garden, but I plan on having a sedentary coop. Something like this would be exactly what I need for little 'day trips' for my chickens outside of their coop and run.

I love the name mini cooper! Too cute.
Can I ask what the dimensions are? Are you chickens bantams or standards? You mentioned You needed to add hinges. I don't see the door right off, where is it at? Did you use scrap lumber, or purchase it? What size is it 2x4?

Sorry, I'm really excited about this and want to build myself one. I get my chicks in a month, and I'm thinking that it would even work to take the chicks out in once the weather warms up.
The size of the tractor is 5 1/2 by 2 1/2 feet and 2 1/2 feet tall. I just used some good leftover 2x4 in the barn and wire I found at the dump that's still in good condition. And where you see the concrete block (it's holding the board that is going to made into the door) is where the door will be.

My chickens are all Standards though I want a few bantams.

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