FINNALLY! Found BEI hatching eggs! Hatching Q.


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Hi there!

Okay I know that they say that Calls have a hard time hatching...because of their tiny beaks I think I read? Well, BEIs are small like Calls, however their beaks don't look as tiny, does this mean at all that they seem to hatch easier than calls do? I just want to know what I may be up against as far as the hatching part of these lovely ducks go?

thanks for any info!
PM to Katie. She knows her stuff regarding bantam ducks!
yeppers that's what I think too, when I was having trouble finding BEI's I was going to settle for some Cayugas but something about these lil cuties just had me wait for them and finnally! I cannot wait to get these eggs in my bator!!!!
Should be getting them next week
As with all ducks, you should start cooling them for 10min per day starting on day 10, and mist them with some warm water during the cooling period. I didnt do that last year, I started doing it this year and my hatch rate doubled. Good Luck.
We generally mist too. Granted, it depends on so many factors like where you live and the incubator. If you live in an area of low to moderate humidity, I would *definitely* without question, mist once daily. That is my opinion based on what has worked for us.

I don't know how well BEI hatch in relation to Calls since I don't raise Calls. I am reading a book right now that says that Call eggs can be as low as 25% hatch in an incubator. That seems unreasonably low to me (again though, I don't raise Calls). My other bantam duck hatches are far more successful than that. On eggs laid here, we sometimes have gotten 90%+. Shipped eggs are another story.

As far as the cooling off of the eggs, I didn't find that it helped our eggs hatch much better but we have only tried it a couple times. I would base whether you do that or not on your incubator. If you have an incubator that is very reliable and maintains temperature extremely well then I say go for it. If you are using something that takes a long time to stabilize, I might not try it. HTH.
I didn't hatch out call ducks, so don't know about them, but our 1st try of 16 duck eggs came out with a 100% hatch rate, no misting or cooling of eggs here, but like I said, we didn't do calls or BEIs. Good luck to you though!

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