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    I live in southern Alabama and have recently gotten 2 hens(one may be a pullet, she is not yet a year). I have a small moveable coop that a neighbor gave me. I move it every couple of days. I have yet to get a pile of sand or loose dirt for my girls to dust themselves in. I let them out 2-3 hours every evening. Last night I noticed one of them trying to dust herself in a fire ant pile. Tons of fire ants down here. Do not want to use poison to get rid of fire ants. What do you recommend to get rid of them that will not hurt my girls? Money is tight as I am on social security.

    Also I like the idea of DI to add to a dusting spot for my chickens, but as I move the coop every couple of days-where should I put it? How do I keep it dry? or is that necessary? I really liked the one fellows idea of putting it in a tire, which I have on hand. But I am concerned about it getting wet, it can rain down here quite a bit.

    Would appreciate any info you can give me!! Thanks.
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    Welcome to BYC!!

    DE is not necessary for dust bathes, just some dirt and/or sand is fine.
    They'll scratch it back up to bath in after a rain...or you could put in under cover from the rain.

    Some remedies might be found in the threads that turned up in the search below, click the underlined link.
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