Fire Safety in your Chicken Coop & Barn - IMPORTANT!

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    I'm so sorry about your loss. I know you can't replace that which you losted, but thank god nobody was hurt and with this message maybe you can prevent this from happening to someone else. You are right about the clamps on lights. I had one fall off and almost catch a breeding pen on fire. Luckly, I caught it before anything happen. I now put a nail through the clamp to keep it from falling. Since this happened I've moved and my coop doesn't have electricty. You are also right about the fuses. Fuses and breakers are put there for a reason. To protect you from an overload. Listen to them. Again, I so sorry you had the go through this and lose all your animals that I'm sure were part of your heart . I'm just glad you and your family are ok. [​IMG]
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    Dec 29, 2011
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    Aoxa, I am so sorry for your loss. On Sunday 2-10 , we too had a barn fire. I went to do chores early and smelled burnung plastic, when I opened the barn door smoke came billowing out. I called 911 and Dad and I kept the fire from spreading the best we could. Just as we were spent the FD showed up and took over. The barn is over 100 yrs old. I only lost two sections of the barn that was my layer and one breeder pen. This too was a electrical fire. The heat lamp malfunctioned and it was conected to an extension cord. The porcelin socket on the lamp is what malfunctioned. We were so lucky that I haven't lost a chicken yet although two are severly burned, they keep drinking and eating so I am giving them a fighting chance instead of putting them down. I had 7 geese, 15 ducks, 45 chickens in the barn. The FD made a great effert to help take out all the birds and also helped to get them all back inside. Our story made the front page of our local newspaper. Dad will be putting in more outlets and more breakers to help pervent anything like this again. Also he will be putting in 3 more ceiling lights as well. Thank you for telling your story and not giving up. Take a deep breath and put one foot ahead of the other. We had smoke inhailation but it was worth it to save the critters. Good luck in your new ventures.
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    I'm so sorry for your losses. I can only imagine how devastating. I hope you can be gentle with yourself and take care.
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    Thank you.

    Our barn was unsavable. The loft had already collapsed by the time we woke up.

    We didn't call the paper. My father works and insurance and advised us it could delay the pay out if we did (though not sure why).

    I hope your burned babies are okay.
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    "Fire Happens but not to me"; That seem to be every ones attitude. It is one of the most important subjects we all should keep in mind daily. Unfortunately human nature & carelessness being what it is when fire does remind us it is unforgiving. Good thread that should be started every fall in particular. Thank for posting Aoxa.
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    Justine -- thank you for sharing your experience and posting this to help others avoid the unimaginable pain you're going through now. Either we don't think of "what if" scenarios or we put too much trust in things because they haven't given us problems before. Just like a parent needs to baby-proof their home, fur-parents need to fire proof animal homes as much as possible.

    I don't know how you can be so clear minded at this time, but the points you made, esp. about the condition of some hay or acknowledging when the breakers are telling you "too much" are really excellent reminders.

    Our hearts go out to you and your family. [​IMG] Looking forward to watching the re-birth of LES Farm. [​IMG]
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    I go through waves. Most of the time I am just numb, and then it hits me like a boulder. Most of time the terrible waves happen when I am alone or when I'm in the car (strange...)

    Thank you for the condolences. I am looking forward to starting over. Also very much looking forward to the debris being removed, as my dogs can not go outside unattended... I think that says enough just there..
    I sure hope it helps others. The majority of barn fires happen in the middle of winter and the middle of summer.
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    This is terrible news! I am so sorry to hear this. I wish I could comfort you, but the only thing I can say is "I'm sorry" and give you lots of Internet hugs. [​IMG] I am sad that this happened, but thankful that you used your terrible misfortune to help others who could encounter the same. God bless you, and I will be watching for the remaking of Les Farms.

    RIP Clementine.
    RIP Fancy and Molly
    RIP Jagger
    RIP Pennies
    RIP All Who Were Lost In That Fire. You Will Be Missed.

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    I'm very sorry for you loss:(
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    Aoxa, We have no idea who told the paper unless it was the fire department them selves. We sure would n't have put our actual address in the article that is for sure. Many people have came to the door saying "Why is the barn still standing if you said it was gone in the article"? The article states that it was minor damage but I don't think people read the whole thing either. We are looking to possibly build me a poultry barn. That way the waterfowl can be seperate from the chickens. Our fire wasn't that bad to notify the insurance company. The deductable is about what it would cost to rebuild this section of the wall anyway. Seeing as Dad and I have already rebuilt two of our buildings that were very delapitated that we are sure we can repair this. We make it a point to go to auctions to buy replacement boards for the barn if we ever needed them, including old beams.

    We were very lucky that all their was in the loft was pigeon POOP and dead ones too. Had their been any hay we would have lost the battle for sure. My hay/straw stash was downstairs in the middle of the floor. Next year it will be stored outiside with a tarp on it.

    Again I am so sorry that it happend at all to you. I hope many people will learn from your experience and not repeat. I know we needed a wake up call and we got the message as clear as day. This weekend Dad will be starting the electrical modifications and making sure that none of the wiring was compromised from the fire.

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