Fireflies/lightning bugs


12 Years
Apr 30, 2007
Deer Park Washington
I am not sure if it goes here, but cant think of where it could go. I was in class today and someone was talking about how they had fireflies when they lived in Texas and how they miss them, then another person said we have plenty of them here in Washington. I have never seen them, and neither has anyone else. I searched wikipedia and google for a few pages and cannot find what states fireflies are in, so can someone help and tell me how far north they are?
We have them in Michigan. I don't see them much since I moved farther north but when I lived in south/west Michigan we had alot of them.

They are really neat to see in the evening and the kids love to catch them.
We have them here in Va. We have lots and lots of them. More than I remember seeing in several years passed when I lived in Ga.
We grew up calling them "lightnin' bugs" in Mississippi. They are still numerous here and very pretty on a moonless night in the woods. I have fond memories as a child catching them in a jar with holes in the lid for air. We were allowed to fall asleep with them near our bedside. God's night lights. We released them the next morning if they survived.
Wow does this bring back childhood memories of running through the yards (no fences) in Missouri bare footed chasing lightin bugs. We don't have them in Colorado so I really miss them. You all are lucky. One of those little things in life that brings smiles.

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