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    Yup, the new ones have them, and the insurance will be higher.
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    I have seen a number of wood stoves in "mobile homes". I would think that it would somewhat depend on the year your home was built. I have seen most of the MHs with fireplaces while I was looking at houses for sale on the John L Scott web sight for your area. There may be other real estate web sites that could better for defining your search parameters. I have only use the one web site because it is easy to use. I do know that they make pads especially deigned to place on the floor beneath a wood burning fireplace. You should be able to find the same type of materials for the walls, at the same place as all the other related materials that you will need to install your wood stove. Back when we had a wood burning stove, we would often pop into a fireplace shop and ask for any information about what we would need to install one ourselves. If they were willing to answer our questions, then we would buy the parts we needed from them. We then would know that the customer service was probably going to be great at that store.

    But I do have to agree with other posters, that you first will need to check with your building department, and see what they will or won't allow you to do. And I also agree with checking with your insurance company, If they won't cover you, then I would just look around until I found a company that would cover it.
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    It is a 99 mobile home. I knew I would have to check with the building codes/fire marshal but thought I would see what others thought and knew first.

    I don't think we would be apposed to a pellet or wood stove but something more real.
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    Well from what I know they all don't advocate it because of how fast a mobile home will burn up if caught on fire. I think I read somewhere it only takes 5 minutes.
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    Quote:Actually no its not. My brother burns wood in is built in fireplace. His agent said fire places have no effect on insurance but if he had a free standing wood stove it would cost more. I'm pretty sure almost all of the new ones have them now. When you compare all the types of heat, wood fire places are relatively safe.

    Yes trailers burn up fast but so do site built homes. You have about 2 an a half minutes to get out after a fire starts.. Heres as video I did a few years ago to show how fast it is.

    well apparently the video is not working right now...
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    When I lived in Cheney WA, I put in a woodstove in my mobile home. I had to go by the fire code and get prior permission from my insurance carrier, In that area the code was; triple insulated pipe through the roof with a spark arrester on top. You have to vent to the outside so a pipe also went from the stove through the floor. I bought a pre-made hearth and lined the wall behind the stove with brick like fire retatent paneling. My stove was rated so you did not have to have much clearence from the wall.

    Then I had the fire department inspect the installation (since I did it myself) and notified the insurance co, they came out, took pics and the passed inspection from the fd and I was good to go...that was the warmest trailer in Eastern Washington!!!

    Good Luck

    edited to add - if you put an outside air pipe through the floor, be sure to insert wire to keek the critters out!
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    My son's mobile home has an installed gas fire in a fire place surround. He would like to install a wood burning stove. He can use the vent that the gas fire uses to install a chimney, and insulate the wall behind and under the stove with fire resistant material. We have found a lot of information from suppliers of wood burning stoves to narrow boats. They manufacture smaller versions which can be used in residential boats or mobile homes.
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    My brother owned a mobile in Spokane, I do remember that the wood stove had to be mobile home rated. Also all triple wall pipe with a spark arrester, which is code for any wood stove in Wa. If the home Is a 99 weight shouldn't be a problem, we built the base out of 2x6s covered with 3/4" plywood then cement backer board on top of that with a tile finish. Same with the wall behind except we used 2x2 for the frame and 1/2" osb covered with cement backer board and tile.
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    Quote:Ditto -- not normally recommended.

    I find this interesting because not only do they sell them with fireplaces but I know of nothing that shows it will make a mobile burn down. If you are truely interested in putting one in you need to educate yourself about fireplaces then maybe go to a mobile dealer & look at what they have in the models on the lot. Most of the one's I have seen around here have free standing fireplaces that are on tile as one of the other poster stated.
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    I live in a 2005 double wide and our fireplace came built in. It does a nice job helping to heat the place, as it has a heatilator in it complete with fans. We burn in it all winter long and have done so for the 5 years we've been living here. It's not a huge fire but it does get rid of the dampness when it rains and makes for cozy evenings sitting in front of it. When my son is here for the holidays, he keeps it going 24-7. We get the chimney cleaned every year and keep the box swept out but otherwise there's been no other maintenance necessary to keep it working great. Oh, and it didn't raise our taxes or increase our insurance beyond what any homeowner would pay for having a fireplace.


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