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    Well I guess I should post an intro...

    J Smith
    female Y/O/B = 1982
    Year of Marriage = 2006
    Due Date for pregnancy = 12/31/09 - male - Nathan Michael Smith
    Education = JU 2005 Biology Major w Chem minor - BS degree
    Employment - Self Employed tutor, Smart Apple Tutoring ($20 + $1 per grade level)
    Home = NE FL
    Other - Husband is a magician

    Let's see- ANIMALS

    I have

    3 pet cats, feed purina one indoor hairball control -all indoors only, unless Rosie escapes-
    ~Rose (re-home, 16 years, front foot declaw, spay, B&W American short hair)
    ~Phillip (re-home, 8 years, front foot declaw, neuter, maincoon)
    ~Harry (found dumped, 1.5 years, clawed, neuter, black self American longhair)

    5 pet rats (Rattus norvegicus) Housed in a Martin's cage with 'free time in a rat room or a Ware playpen from Critter Cages -ALL MALE
    ~Casper Nike (re-home, 3+ years , neuter, male Pink Eyed White)
    ~Nike (re-home, less then 2 years, intact, male black hooded)
    ~Luke (re-home, less then 2 years, intact, male blue, with brittle tail)
    ~Hocus (re-home, less then 1 year, intact, male Siamese sibling)
    ~Pocus (re-home, less then 1 year, intact, male Siamese sibling)

    3 Russian Roller Pigeons
    ~Rust- re-home from CL, male, bonded, Hawk Red
    ~Steal - re-home from CL, female, bonded, Slate Black
    ~Comet - re-home from CL, male unbound, pied/splashed black and white

    8 Blond Eurasian ring-necks (white doves)

    ~(*8) no the only two that are named are patch and one-eye- both have only one eye due to injury- one-eye is confirmed female, none of these have bound -Rescued from CL

    1 Chicken ( 4 hens coming soon)
    ~ Bennie (found dumped - in a box on front door! Silky Roo, walnut comb, black skin, crest, hookless feathers, no beard or muff)
    ~(*4) The Jets (will have individual names as I get to know them)
    ~~(re-home- CL, GLW, hen, 6 mths @ dec 09)
    ~~(re-home- CL, GLW, hen, 6 mths @ dec 09)
    ~~(re-home- CL, SLW, hen, 6 mths @ dec 09)
    ~~(re-home- CL, SLW, hen, 6 mths @ dec 09)

    Rainbow Bridge or Re-homed*
    Two dalmatian rats -> Puzzle and Patch -> Breeder Babies from Michigan ( Pneumonia @ 18 months )
    One Tan hoodie/ standard rat-> Rebook re-home- died 09 (unknown causes)
    One Gray hoodie/Dumbo rat -> Simon 'Sy-Sy' Templar from Petsmart Jax /died 09 (old age)
    One Tan hoodie/standard rat -> Garfunkel 'Gar Gar' Templeton from Petsmart Jax /died 09 (old age)
    One tan self Zoo Hue / rex/ dumbo rat -> Bambi (last name withheld) [Young Prince] 4 weeks 3 days as of May 18th 2007 /died Nov 09 (old age)
    One Gray/Standard male rat (rescue)-> Tidbit Templeton the Executioner (died of cancer at approx 3- years)
    One Self/Black male rat (Petsmart)-> Thomas Trouble Tips (died of upper resp at apporx 3- years, did not respond to treatment)
    One hoodie/standard female rat (rescue)-> Thomas Acra (we thought she was a he, she was a rescue)
    One fawn/white blaze female mouse (rescue)-> Chitters died of old age at almost 2.5 years (if original est correct)
    One fawn female hamster (rescue) -> Chichallina (That nude government chick) Lived approx 2 years, (died of old age)
    One gray and white 'oreo' male hamster -> Merlin Fuzzybutt from Petsmart, was a intro from my finance at the time to rodents, (died of old age).
    4 cats past neutered/spayed @ (15 Taffy/13 Lucky /13 Dottie/12 Prissy)
    *2 cats @ dad's house neutered/spayed (he decided he wanted them too much) (Current Sargent/ Current Jazz)
    2 rabbits neutered/spayed (4 Oreo died of diabeates! /0.8 VooDoo ate a large rubber eraser!)
    *2 Rabbits neutered/spayed-(adopted out by father after mom died 2005 [​IMG] ) (current? Magic / current? Brandy)
    1 Bearded Dragon (rescue) - (8 years Sahara)
    (TMTC) Unfortunate fish in my tank!
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    WHEW,I thought I had a lot of animals! WELCOME!
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    Oh I forgot the pet husband! [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Just make certain that the pet husband is taken care of FIRST!

    Your life will be different in 2010... as the father of 7, and can guarantee it.

    You'll want to be downsizing the number of pets.

    So glad you found us.
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    Jul 27, 2009
    [​IMG] from Maryland, please post some pick of Nathan Michael when he show up [​IMG]
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    May 13, 2008
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    Jul 16, 2009
    best coast
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    Jun 29, 2009
    [​IMG] from Alaska

    You will really like it here. the info is great and the people are better!
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    Aug 5, 2009
    Middleton, WI
    [​IMG] from WI
  10. FireTigeris

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    Quote:Well the lovey ratty babies will not be 'replaced' as they pass on to the bridge- hubbie takes care of the cats mostly - who also will not be 'replaced', the doves he takes care of and they might soon start replacing themselves ( they are for his magic act) ... the rooster can possibly be used in a duck bucket if it doesn't stress him (bennie the roo) out.

    the hens will be for eggs so that about covers it... they will replace themselves after 4-6 years then the old hens will be pets and the new ones will lay for us.

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