First 10 weeks of laying, one pullet has tiny eggs


Here comes the Rooster
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May 29, 2020
Fauquier County, Virginia, United States.
My Buff Orpingtons have always started laying around 24-26 weeks. With my last hatch, one of my pullets started laying at 15.5 weeks. Of course, the early eggs were very small. Now that she has been laying for 10 weeks, her eggs are still very small, about 40 grams and half the size of my hens. She lays almost every day, and they are all about the same size. Her sister started laying 2 weeks ago, and her eggs are much larger already. She's the same size as the others, and I hatched them from my hens, so I know she's not a bantam. Is there a reason for the tiny eggs? Is it related to the fact that she started laying so early? Any thoughts are appreciated. It takes a lot of eggs for an omelet.

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