First Big Show - Va Poultry Breeder Show Nov 19


7 Years
Jun 6, 2012
Howdy y'all,
The gson and I went down to Caroline County Saturday and caught the Va Poultry Breeders Show at the Caroline County FG. It was only about 2 hours/100 mi and we had a good time.
Naturally, the gson HAD to buy some stock from the sale area and we came back with 5 assorted chickens - 2 black tails, a jap roo, a Deleware Blue cross and one of unknown origin.
It was pretty cool watching that 14 yr old dicker with the stockmen and enjoying the fancy as much as I do I gotta tell ya. On the way home he said, "now I don't just have 2 chickens. I have my own FLOCK no." Hehehehe, ain't that cute.
The new birds integrated quite well, it was a 3+2+6 equation so almost everyone was new to everyone else, and after 1 day they are all settled in.
Wish there were more show folks on BYC, but we are learning.

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