First Broody of the Season!


13 Years
Mar 15, 2010
On the MN prairie.
When I went to lock up the chickens tonight, I noticed my BLRW in the nest box, all puffed up looking and growly. I asked DH if she had been there all day. He said she was. She was my first broody last year, too - about 2 weeks later than this year. She faithfully sat on her eggs and hatched out 3 of 12. I happen to have a dozen VERY fresh eggs (we get anywhere from 5-11 daily) just waiting to be incubated. I have a younger rooster this year, so hopefully these eggs will all be fertile. I have 50 Freedom Ranger chicks coming in the mail in 3 weeks, so if her eggs don't hatch, I may give her some of them to raise.
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