First chicken in months!

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    Apr 22, 2008
    We moved from our farm in California about 5 months ago and the last of our broilers were slaughtered and sold about a month before our move. It's been pretty nice not having 400 or so chickens to care for every day and slaughtering, packaging, and selling to do every couple weeks. We have a dozen laying pullets that are getting close to laying age. I ordered one rooster, a speckled sussex, with my layers and of course I got a "rare exotic" thrown in for free. He is a Blue Andalusian and absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, he is also not at all nice to people. He has gone after several of us several times and was very aggresive about it. So for the first time in months, we will have fresh chicken that we raised. Hurray!
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    [​IMG] your gonna do what to who!!!![​IMG]lol enjoy!!

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