First Chicks - One with Spraddle Leg(s)?


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Apr 23, 2015
Houghton, MI
New chicken owner. My local pet shop orders chickens for customers once or twice a spring. Just picked up our 8 chicks yesterday evening. When I got home and put them in the brooder and gave them a few minutes to warm up I right away noticed one of the black australorp chicks had an issue with her leg(s), one more than the other. It was sticking straight out to the side most of the time and she couldn't really walk. From my simple searches it looks like Spraddle Leg. So we put a bandaid around her legs to keep her legs together last night. She doesn't seem to like it very well and just sits lays down most of the time. I'm worried she isn't going to correct the issue if she lays down all the time. She's also smaller than the other chicks so she probably isn't getting the food and water because of her lack of movement. I've got food scattered on the paper towel in my brooder and I hold her up to the water to drink. Not sure how often I should do that? The other ones eat, drink and walk around great. Does she have a good chance of recovery? I really don't want her to die from dehydration or starvation. Also seems to chirp more than the others.

I would say to make sure she gest food and water ever hour at least or often if you can, at least for a day~
What I did with a chick who acted the same is I just sat her on her back in my palm and 'exercised' her legs up and down in the normal chick way (the way the legs should move) and within the week she was up and moving and perching~

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