First Crow!!!


9 Years
May 13, 2010
Heard (and saw) the first crow this morning!!! Kinda surprised me as to who it was considering I thought he was a she! Now the others can follow. Pretty sure out of my 14 11 week olds I have at least 3 roos.
Lucky you! Im still waiting for mine first rooster from my newest batch of chicks. It always makes me feel just a little bit better to know who's who.
This happened for me yesterday.....but for me it wasn't a surprise.....I have suspected I had a roo for weeks
I remember how excited I got when I heard my first rooster crow!

Now, two months later, I'm still excited when I hear them (I have 3 total).

I sit outside with them and make crowing noises to try to get them started.

This reminded me of a funny. A 'city friend' was visiting one day and was out side smoking (he has since quit). He mentioned that he was hearing turkeys (wild). Now, that could be, we have a few flocks in the area, but then I heard 'cockadoodle doo!" I had to inform him that was a neighbor's rooster!
One of my leghorn roos crowed today and scared both my neighbor and her dog.

Trouble is, his crow sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard, not a real crow yet. Sounds like er, er, um. When he does it, one of my ducks runs over and quacks at him. Roo then goes quiet. It's kind of funny to watch.
I have 5 roosters, and it seems, I just bring out the best in them!! My first two started crowing at 4-6 weeks. My Serama crowed for the first time the night I brought him home, and my Golden Phoenix started crowing the same week he came home with me. The only one that has stayed silent is my Giant Cochin. But I have a feeling that when he decides to crow, the whole world will hear. He is going to be ENORMOUS! I hope he has a deep crow, as all my tiny roosters are quite high pitched.

I love their noises though. I lay in bed and count them all in the morning. I get worried if somebody misses their cue. My little barbershop quartet!
Both of my "new" roos sound so very different! I have three adult roos, 1 yr.old. Two silkies and one OEGB. OUt of my 14 11 week olds I have a white cochin banty roo, a silver phoenix roo, a white D'uccle roo, and a mystery roo. And two of these are crowing. Never imagined chickens could be so amusing!! This is my second year with them!!!
Isn't it THE funniest thing!?!? LOL! So squeaky and pathetic! But they try SO hard! LOL! THis is our Little Ninja with his first week of crowing! OEGB

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