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    Jun 24, 2013
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    My two and three week old chicks will be outside in the run all day for the first time today. I feel like i just sent my kids to kindergarden. They have met my big girls (13.5 weeks) and seem to have everything worked out. (Big girls occasionally get a beakfull of baby down to show the kids to move out of their way). Everyone is dustbathing and scratching away! They have three waterers (coming in at 2 gallons), chick crumbles (4 cups in 3 feeders and scattered to encourage scratching), and i tore up some mustard greens and pepper plants for them to pick at. They are figuring out the roosts, and are laying in the sun.

    *sniff sniff* my baby chicks are growing up! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Yep, I know that feeling my chicks are growing up too their back and wing feathers are all grown out and all that's really left is for them to grow out their head feathers and get bigger. [​IMG]



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