First dead hen at 8 months old ~ do we need to report this?

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    Aug 21, 2015
    We're in WI and had some wicked bad lightening storms last night. I went out this morning to find a White Rock dead under the roosting bar. She is always closest to the outside window of the coop. She did not appear sick yesterday and none of the other hens appear to be sick. All eating, drinking and nice red combs. No other real changes. I have NO idea why she died. Do we need to get an autopsy or find out? How can we dispose of her? My husband said the trash. We only have .75 acres and he doesn't want to have dead chicken all over...

    No blood
    No sign of struggle
    No trauma
    Not sick yesterday
    No birds seem sick
    No unusual droppings
    Huge thunderstorm last night and she was by the outside window

    My other thoughts go to the migratory birds are back and really just picked up returning her last week. Also, my friend who is looking at getting backyard chickens came over on Monday and she was in the coop with me. I didn't think to ask if she had been to other coops with those same boots.

    Or...just take care of the dead hen and move on? Thoughts? This is our first flock and first dead chicken (we had 8 hens), so I'm not sure what to do from here.
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    It's not very likely. Maybe she died from shock? Sorry for your loss. I usually bury my losses, but we have thrown a dead chick away to prevent spread of cocci.

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