First egg from my rescue cornish Xs, maybe?


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Just a bit ago I posted about my rescue roo singing the egg song:

Well I just discovered my first egg in the juvenile coop, but from whom?

Cornish Xs (Cobb on Cobb) don't lay brown eggs, do they?

I was expecting the rescues to lay larger white eggs from the start, but this egg is tiny and brown.

My second guess would be one of my turkens, Ivy, because she looks close.
I don't have them but for you, I'll look it up.

According to Henderson's Breed Chart, regular standard Cornish lay light brown eggs. I'm not sure what the specific Cornish cross has in its ancestry (the Cornish had to cross with something otherwise it would not be a cross), probably a white rock, which lays a light brown egg.

Turkens also lay a light brown.

Glad I could clear that up for you.
Oh yeah Ridge, that's as clear as mud now.

I'm betting on Ivy, the turken. She's looking awful red today.

ETA: Now please tell me why Ollie is singing the egg song! He's been at it all day long, sounds like a broken record.
I must say he's a bit confused on what his purpose is as a rooster. Guess they bred that out of the CXs too.
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