first egg from the sussexes


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Apr 20, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Not that anyone but me cares, but since nobody in this house really cares either, I just had to say that I got my first egg from the speckled sussexes today (I believe they are like 22-23 wks?). Woo hoo!

And the campine hen (same age, now in same pen) has upsized her eggs to about Medium, and I can see the little fertilization thingamajiggie in 'em so evidently Pants has figured out his job as well. (I am sure it is Pants, b/c Itchy is now not allowed anywhere near the hens, poor thing [although he is such a hormonal nutcase I am sure the hens are glad not to have him near them]. This weekend I need to build a divider so I can give him a few of the hens for his own, otherwise I'm afraid he will just get madder and madder til he has it out with Pants... and I doubt that Itchy would win)

It is nice to have fully functional chickens <g>

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congrats on your first speckled sussexes egg
Congrats on your first egg from the girls!!

Wish my girls would give it up already! They are being stubborn and they are 24 weeks!!

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