First egg & prolapsed?


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Mar 2, 2020
We got a speckled Sussex pullet on the weekend it’s now Thursday & we just picked this up on our evening rounds of food & water. She’s been in a quarantine cage & has been plucky & friendly.
Her egg had been forced past her sphincter but was unable to pass out of the passage? You can see her insides have come out around the egg. We’ve sat her in warm water & loosened the mouth of the opening around the egg & it softened up & unstuck from the egg & I was able to get the egg out whole. Trimmed around her vent, cleaned the area up & pushed the prolapse back. It does keep popping out.
How do I now deal with this, she’s in a small cozy cage inside with food & water, a bit of yogurt.
is it just a matter of constantly pushing it back in until her vent gets a bit tighter? Will it not rectify? Did we handle it correctly?Any advice would be welcome right now.
Thanks in advance.

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