first egg(s) today!!!!! wooot!!! .. and a question...


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Apr 16, 2011
Yay!!! First eggs! 2 of them. 18 weeks old today. It was probably the 2 red stars. (we also have 2 silkies and one bantam buff brahma) I expected to wait another couple weeks. We are soo proud and excited! (we blew out one to save the shell - then lightly poached the slightly scrambled eggs in butter w/ sea salt and split it between the 5 of us.. yum!!!)


And a question....
Do they need to start eating layer pellet/crumbles right away now that they are laying? we've been feeding them blue seal grower feed - and still have a lot left...
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They need calcium. You can continue grower feed, but you MUST supplement with an accessible bowl of free-choice oyster shell. Congratulations!
We've been offering chick grit too - will the oyster shells be enough or do we still need to provide them with grit? If so, can they be mixed or offered in 2 different places?

so proud! - are girls are all growed up :)
kneit - we have 2 Red Stars. and 3 bantams --> 2 silkies and 1 buff brahma. The eggs were large enough so that I'm pretty sure that it was both of the red stars that started laying today. 18 weeks! How old are yours?

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