First egg today , Very exciting!!!


6 Years
May 26, 2013
I had just posted a thread yesterday about when I should open up my nest boxes to the chickens. I have an exterior nest box on the coop and had a piece of plywood over the hole, as I had not finished the inside of the boxes yet. I spent most of the morning trimming out the nest boxes, putting in a perch for them to access the boxes. I put a plastic egg pad in each box, along with some straw and 2 ceramic eggs in each and called it a day. As soon as I opened the coop door one of my RIR's came in and was checking out the new digs, She finally got up and in one of the nest boxes to check things out. My wife and I then left to go for a ride and came back 2 hours later. I checked the boxes just to see if any of the chickens had been checking things out and Lo and Behold there was the first egg, a little small but the first egg nonetheless. I am assuming it was the RIR who was investigating earlier. I have 10 hens, 5 different breeds, so it will be interesting to see what happens next. Also a question: Are the first eggs OK to eat or are you supposed to wait until they are layed on a regular basis. This egg was nice and hard shelled, just small

Yep, the eggs are ok to eat!
I have two leghorns and one just started laying two weeks ago. I felt like such a proud mama! She just got right in the box and layed right in the center! Now we are just waiting for the other girl to get going. .. My daughter checks I'm every day and is none too patient about it! Congrats!

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