First Egg!!!


May 5, 2020
Kendallville Indiana, US
My khaki Campbell laid her first egg today! She laid it inside their shed where they sleep I didn’t see it till now because I clean their coop at night. She must of laid it after 7:29 because I checked at that time and there was no egg. Should I be expecting one tomorrow? Also am I supposed to feed her oyster shells or something? Which ones do you guys give your ducks? And home much of it? I can’t leave it out during the day because I have drakes and I heard it’s not good for them to eat it. I will give it to her separately every night or morning (the one that’s best) I have this bag of mealworms and I just fed her some. How much do you guys get your layer simplements for? This fag cost me $8
Congratulations on your first egg!! check the calcium and fiber on your feed as it may be well balanced. I have used oyster shell free choice with chickens or you can choose to offer crushed egg shells as well. I give my birds standard mealworms that are around 7$ for similar size bag and mix it with premium scratch grains. they all love it!!! but remember that treats should be only 10% or less of overall diet.
Okay! I’m might buy her oyster shells and if not I’ll just give her crushed egg shell. She laid and egg this morning too! The egg she laid this morning had blood on it though? Is this bad?

that’s the egg she laid this morning I have not opened her first one though. But the one from today was bigger than her first one and this one weighed 58g!! How much do you think duck eggs are worth?

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