First eggs this week! Now I'm obsessed and stalking...

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    Aug 10, 2014
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    Just wanted to share in our excitement and post some pics. Our girls (at least 2 of them) have started laying eggs this week at around 20+wks of age. They have been squatting and quite noisy for about 2-3 weeks now.

    2 days ago, I found this egg on the floor of our run, slightly cracked, though the membrane was still intact. We brought it inside and immediately rinsed it and used it to bake some back-so-school cookies. Not sure which of our 3 girls laid it (Golden Comet, Speckled Sussex or Barred Rock):


    To encourage egg-laying inside the nesting boxes, I placed some golf balls inside. Yesterday, we opened the nesting box door and found ourselves face-to-face with the backend of our Speckled Sussex. We quickly closed the door and came back half an hour later:




    My daughter eagerly gobbled it up for lunch!

    And now... (thanks to my husband who had installed a camera inside the coop a few weeks ago when I felt eggs were coming soon) I cannot stop "stalking" them on my camera! This girl, Miss Lulu our Barred Rock, has been sitting pretty inside the box for the last 40 mins:


    This raising chicken deal is addicting!! And these eggs are better than Christmas morning!
    Thanks for looking at my pics!
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    Sep 3, 2014
    Congratulations! It truly is like Christmas morning!! Have fun chicken stalking! :pop

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