First eggs!


6 Years
Apr 29, 2013
Okay, so it's bragging time. I came home from school today and found two eggs! My chickens are just under five months old. I was so happy and excited! I think one was from a barred rock and the other a black Australorp because they were slightly different colors and one had tiny white dots all over it while the other one was just plain brown.

And also, thinking ahead here, what would be a reasonable price to sell my eggs for? When everybody's laying I'll be getting around a dozen every two days and my mom and i don't eat eggs that much. Plus it'd be nice to make some money back from them.

3 Black Australorp
3 Bared Rock
And 1 Silver Lakenvelder
here's a picture, the random spot in the egg white on the right is a piece of the shell
Well, i got two more eggs today! After the first eggs i got, i whipped up a nesting box out of a 18 gallon plastic storage box and put pine shavings in the bottom and today i came home and they had laid their eggs in there without me having to put eggs or golf balls in there like some Perle have to to get them to lay in the box. I'm very pleased with my girls.
Well, i figured it out, my eggs are coming from two barred rocks. I watched them go into the box then come back out exclaiming what they've done. Then every time they would look inside at the egg they'd both get excited again and start clucking, i thought that was so funny!

I got two eggs Wednesday, none Thursday, two Friday, and two today and i should be getting three soon because my third BR looks just as mature as the two that are already laying.

Here's a picture of one of them that laid today.
Yes! And today i got 4! 3 brown and 1 white. Hopefully my other 3 hens will catch up with the other four and start laying.

Also, so far I'm having good luck and everyone is laying in my nesting box that i made.

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