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  1. barefootfarmgal

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    Nov 18, 2014
    hi everyone! I have a chicken who decided for some reason or another she would rather sleep under the stars last night than in her cozy coop...and it was near -20 f last night. She is currently inside hanging out with us, but I wonder if its necessary? The coop is insulated and has a heat lamp for those really cold nights (-20 is an average temp lately) and during the day its roughly -10. Does she nèed to be inside to recover? This isnt all that severe of a case, is it?
  2. barefootfarmgal

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    Nov 18, 2014
    ...and it definately wasnt me who did that to her beak. Fyi.
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    May 3, 2016
    Did anyone ever answer this? How did your girl do? did she lose that bit of her comb? I have now 2 cockerels with frostbite... i've gotten them in the new house with more space & ventilation so hopefully it's not going to get worse, but it was -10 or so for a couple days there and I obviously wasn't properly prepared. poor boys!! I'm waiting to see how much comb will die off and how much will come back. I think the part that blistered might stay, and some of the tips still appear pink, though the flesh inbetween is white/dark...
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    The parts of the tips that turn black will fall off. It does not regrow. With severe weather the cockerels will lose the very tips of comb. It's a problem if it gets to the base of comb and obvious sign of overdo ventilation of coop redo. Being such large combs on the cockerel/cock birds it's expected to loose 1/3 to half of the tips of comb. Pullets combs are so small there is no sign of frost unless you've a Mediterranean birds with large combs. Then again it's the very tips.
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    Wash it with Epsom salts and put Vaseline on it to keep in her natural moisture.....What is dead will fall off....


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