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Nov 9, 2011
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My pilgrim goose just layed her first egg ever. This is so exciting!
These are the first geese I have ever had. She made a huge nest. It is so pretty. Big beautiful white egg.
Will she keep laying and then get broody. Do you think it is to early to let her try for babies? I live in Southwest Ohio. We have had a really mild winter but are suppose to have some really
cold weather this week. Also does anyone know if a Pilgrim gander will breed 2 females? I read somewhere they will pick one female and not breed the other. Thanks for any info.
Congratulations! The first egg is so exciting; I did Kermit flails for a week when my goose laid her first egg last year.

A goose will normally keep laying until she finds that her nest is full (10-20 eggs). Then she'll get broody.

As this is her first season, she might not follow pattern. Geese often need a season or two to "learn the ropes". That goes for the gander, too. They're kind of like teenagers; not always sure where everything goes
. Also, the first eggs of the season are often not fertile. But it really depends on the individual geese, so you might get lucky and have goslings this year. I don't know your climate, but keep an eye on the nest and remove any cracked or fractured eggs.

The gander can usually easily breed two females. Observe their behaviour and see if he mates with both the geese.

Good luck!
Congratulations on your egg! It wasn't too long ago I got my first egg from my geese and now I have three brand new goslings and five more eggs in the incubator! My girl (a Pomeranian) laid an egg every other day for two weeks then took a break for several days. Now she is laying about 3-4 a week. I take all her eggs to hatch and sell, but plan on letting her keep the last several to see if she'll sit a nest.
Good luck with your geese and post pics if you get the chance!
It is really funny they all 3 go in there while she lays her egg. She has her own cheering section.
My gander has become really protective. Even took down our German Shepherd. She didn't know what hit her. I really hope
we get babies.
Hello and congrats, it is exciting! I live in Northern Kentucky and the mild weather is also fooling my bird. My pilgrim took a week to lay her 9 eggs last year at the end of March then sat on them for a month for our first "family" I found her this morning in my front flowerbed that had a depression in it. They're not comfortable with all the traffic at the back door so she moved. She has her gander, a baby from her March lay and an American Buff (red headed stepchild) guarding her, which makes approaching the door alittle tricky. I made her a huge nest out of the burnpile in the yard and camo'ed it with cedar clippings. Hope that's a good idea, but so far she either hates it or hasn't found it yet. Next year I hope to a some kind of structure and fencing, though the original flock may not take to it. 4 pilgrims were on the property when we bought it and the mom is the last one left. They think they're wild! Has yours laid any more? How did they do in the ice storm?
Congratulation on your first goose egg. How old is your goose? Keep us posted on her progress. I hope you get some babies this year.
It is kind of funny my goose got off the eggs and now our muscovy duck is laying on them. They are due to hatch next Friday. The goose is now starting a new nest. She will be a year next month. I gave my friend some of her eggs to incubate and her new nest has 6-7 more eggs in it. This is so exciting.
Congrats on the egg! If the weather is going to be cold you could replace the egg with a Jumbo chicken egg and then put the goose egg back in the nest when it warms up. That way she will keep laying and not move her nest. Keep any eggs you remove in a cool place and turn daily. Most eggs will keep up to two weeks in cool conditions. The frig is to cool but 50 - 60 F is about right. I take the first group laid and incubate. Geese can lay from 20 to 50 eggs a season if they don't go broody right away. Good luck!

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