First hatch 6/6 :))))))


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8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
Feltwell, UK
And I am so pleased and relieved
. They are all in the brooder with chick crumb and water and space to get out. Is there anything else I should do?
Nice! I had a peeson on ebay ship me 6 duck eggs but ended up with 2 chicken eggs and only 3 duck eggs (long story lol)
Awesome! I recently hatched eggs a couple days ago and got 5 out of 6! I kinda figured egg 6 wouldn't hatch so I guess I kinda got all of them! xD
They were my own hybrid eggs, I didn't have a broodie so I stuck them in the incubator. The last chick doesn't look as fluffy though, d dI take it out of the incubator too soon? Shall I pop it back in? It's not walking around as much either....

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