First Hatch in homemade bator

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8 Years
Feb 21, 2011
:)Day 21 got our first pip at 9:40pm have been staring at bator all day long wife is very nervous:/. We have 13 eggs from our own chickens, 2 reds and 5 easter eggers.We put the eggs in on three different days. Feb. 17 ,18, and 19th. Hope this isn't going to be a problem?
i have done the day differences in little giant strafoam bators, one day i dont worry about turning, if two days difference then i still turn,keeping cover only open high enough for hand to slip in,or by poppin open a window, and be fast about it....maybe you posted it & i havent had a chance to read about your homemade bator....what did you use for holding containor ? i have years worth others information waiting for that day. i wanted to go BIG ...old refrig...but realisrically figured i best stay with med size cabniet. so my summer project is to build my own bator. everything ready for project.. my biggest hurdle is what to use for a turner. ......
My bator is a plastic cooler, light bulb for heat, computer fan, water heater thermostat. Its the typical cooler bator seems to be working fine. Holds temp and humidity very well less then $30 bucks into it. Will post a picture when I can.

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