First hatch in several years


5 Years
Mar 9, 2014
This is only our 4th try at incubating chicken eggs, which we have done it in the past for my wifes school. This year is our 4 th try and have yielded a 92% hatch. 11 out of 12 eggs hatched with one fully developed that did not unfortunately. We are very happy and hoping we get at least four hens. Below are a few picts of them.

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You won't be able to tell the genders until they are older, unless you can vent sex them, but that is risky and can hurt the chick if you don't know how to do it properly. They look like such cuties!!
Aacre, that is what I thought but wanted to make sure.

luvmypets, what is wing sexing. I will have to look that up. My chickes were born on Friday April 18.

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