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    Oct 25, 2015
    Hi! I'm new to hatching chicks. A chick pipped this morning, but in the middle of the egg away from the airsack. Also, the membrane is paper white. He's chirping like crazy and moving his beak in and out of the hole like he's trying to get out but can't move into another position. My question: when should I intervene in case he is malpositioned? Is it ok if the membrane is thick and white? He's my first one to hatch so I'm not sure how a "normal" hatch is supposed to go. Thanks.
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    Apr 22, 2015

    Incubator??? Paper white means to soon. When it's time the membrane becomes bloodless and translucent. My advice-keep the incubator closed and wait. Opening the incubator now would change the temperature and humidity at a crucial time.
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    White and papery is what you want to see. That's a healthy membrane. I'll share a couple pics of one of my hatches with pips and zips so that you can see:





    Unless there's some sign of distress/weakness, I would not attempt an assist beore 18 hours after pip and then 24 is actually better.
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    There are some great resources in the learning center on this site to help you along. Papery white is a good sign. It generally means all is on track and you just need to give it time. If that membrane starts to look brown or tan, you may have trouble on your hands.
    How is the hatch going?

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