First hatch, now what?


Oct 18, 2016
El Dorado County, California
I've had chickens for a few years, but this is the first time I've allowed a hen to sit on a clutch of eggs. Momma hen hatched the only viable egg in the clutch yesterday and I slipped a couple of feed store chicks under her so the one would have company. I made a separate area for the new chicks and mom in the coop, but it doesn't give them access to the outside. How long do I keep the chicks separated from the rest of the flock? Should I keep mom in there with them, or let her out? Now that the chicks are here, I'm really unsure what to do with them.
I don't think anyone can really answer that question for you. Everyone's chickens have different personalities. Some broodies will protect their young and some not so much.

I let them mix with the flock early while observing and interfere if needed. I do this several days in a row, just letting them mix when I'm there close. I've never had a problem doing this, but my hens (& roosters) are pretty good natured.
Were I you, I would let them mix while observing for a few days in a row. If the chicks get picked on and the broody doesn't or can't protect them, I'd separate them until they are older.
Good luck and congratulations! And also, I commend you on a successful adoption!
I have 6 week old chicks that hatched with my broody on 6/29. She left the nest with them on day 2 after hatch and was outside with them around day 5. I never separated them from the flock, although she kept her distance more and she was VERY protective when a hen got too close. I think it helped that she sat on her eggs right with the other girls, and they all got used to hearing the babies cheeping. It’s funny but they still sleep with her in the very crowded nest box they hatched in 6 weeks ago! :)

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