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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by mvktr2, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Received my 15 wht Leghorn & Delaware eggs today. I placed them in the preheated bator, fingers crossed hoping I got good eggs and my homemade bator is up to the task.

    My question is about turning the eggs. I grew up with my grandfather constantly incubating eggs in an old style cylindrical galvanized steel incubator with the eggs always placed on their sides. I realize this is acceptable, afterall it worked for PawPaw and works for setting hens. Yet there seems to be info that suggest a better method is to have the eggs 'on end' switching them back and forth across a 30-45 degrees field of movement. I've placed the eggs in a used egg carton small end down. I'm using another piece of egg carton underneath to prop the eggs over about 15-20 degrees to one side. The intention is to swap the prop underneath from side to side creating a back and forth turning effect of 30-40 degrees.

    Is this a suitable amount of rotation back and forth to keep the yolks from sticking to the sides and to allow for proper air-sack formation?

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    I think so, but I'm not an expert. I'll bump it for you so you can get more responses.
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    from 1-18 days, i put the eggs on egg carton, small end down, and place it like this at morning (first set) (i'm sorry, this quite hard for me to explain it in english [​IMG])


    and at lunch


    at dinner


    well, that's how i set it.

    and at 19-21, i put it lying naturally.


    that's it. [​IMG] hope this help

    and [​IMG]
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    Thanks that does help. Your 'back and forth' swing is very similar to mine, only mine is a bit more which makes me feel good about it. However after reading much of the comments on here I have decided to quit rotating mine after 10-14 days (seems there's enough development at that point to eliminate the possibility of yolk sticking to side).

    Suppose I'll put them on their side at that point. Is it best to place them on their side before hatching begins but at what point should I do this, day 18 or day 12 or so when I quit rotating back and forth?

    Schlante & Thanks,

    fyi Schlante is a Scottish toast.
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    My incubator has the eggs lying on their sides and you turn them by pulling the floor that they rest on, first to the front, then to the back. It means that they are rolled on their sides and it works fine.
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    Mulia24's reply certainly confirms my original question through his experience. Can anyone else confirm this as I've now got 22 hours with the eggs in the incubator. So the question is, Is this a suitable amount of rotation back and forth to keep the yolks from sticking to the sides and to allow for proper air-sack formation?

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    That's how I did mine until I got the turner and I had real good hatches. I also left them in the paper carton to hatch and it saves alot on cleanup. Good luck

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