First Hatch set 4/24 Sportsman Cabinet

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    Hello this is my first time incubating.

    I have a sportsman cabinet 1202A (i think)

    i set a test of 30 mutt eggs at a temperature of 100.4 and 52-55% humidity
    the manual temp reader said 98 degrees
    I think i am in the ballpark and as long as i am consistent i think *should* do well.
    I plan to candle on May 7th.

    Currently i am in college so mom is checking up on my bator to make sure everything is staying fine
    I only have the water pan in
    without the pan humidity would of been 32%
    I live in the dry cascade mountains

    I tried to tinker the wafer thermostat and this is as close as i can get it. I am not going to have mom mess with it.

    Any advice or anyone else set or use a sportsman?
  2. ReiMiraa

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    came home for the weekend... its only day... 4. but mom secretly ordered me a candler, Cool Lite.

    so i grabbed a few random eggs and showed mom. some had veins and one had eye development. Mom thought it was the coolest thing.

    But mom did let my humidity drop.... last night she said it was fine but did not add more water to the pan.... so i get home and the pan is dry so i went from 54% to 20%.... but since she says it was for a short while i do not think things were harmed... the "hen" just got off the nest for a while is how i think of it. natural hatches have large humidity swings so...

    I will do a serious candle on either day 7 or 10... which ever day i am here for.

    Last i checked the temp is 100.4 degrees and 45% humidity... which i think is pretty good. as long as i keep temp consistent i should not have mushy chick issues (had that as an issue with natural hatches last spring at this time... and those eggs took over 30 days to hatch....)
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    Nov 6, 2009
    I actualloy think your humidity is a little high, but maybe someone who lives in the same type of climite as you will come in and correct me.

    I just have better hatches since lowering humidity the first 18 days.
  4. ReiMiraa

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    tonights check is good/ i rotated the tray for the turner. temp is 100.4 and humidity us 55%

    so nothing for tonight

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