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I let my broody hen hatch out some fertilized eggs I bought and the first two hatched today. Now I feel a little panicky! She's a great mom, very protective, but tell me, how does she feed them? How do I vaccinate them? Do I need to move them away from the other hens? I know nature has been doing this for eons without my help, but I've never been responsible for chicks before!

Any advice?
Although I have never hatched chicks myself, my neighbors chickens, who I babysit all the time, have hatched out chicks a million times. Usually, the mom will take care of and defend her chicks from other hens. I probably would not seperate unless you notice the other hens are really going after them. They usually scratch around with her for food. However, I would have chick starter or at least smaller crumbles for them to eat. -my opinion on that. They do need to have access to a safe water dish, something they can't fall in and drown in. As for vaccines, you will need to research and see what is needed in your area, if you are not sure. I know that Marek's vaccine is to only be given at day one, however, some people give it later. ( I have contacted the Department of Agriculture and they said that Marek's disease is commom in Molalla, not sure about Oregon City.) Most vaccine viles will have age specifications on them, and most vaccines are given sub q (under the skin). However, depending on age of chick, the vaccine application may differ. Hope this helps a little. Oh and BTW, hi neighbor!!
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Thank you so much for the post! And hello! It was nice to see that you're so close by. I really appreciate the information. I'll check out Wilco or Coastal for the vaccine tomorrow. Although I'm not sure I can bring myself to give the little sweeties a shot. I'm sure my wonderful husband will give me a hand though. I can't believe how exciting it was to hear those first little peeps. I ran so fast into the house to tell my husband! What a good day!
Are you sure? I read so much information on BYC last night about chickens dying one by one from the disease; that it can be carried by wind, etc. I know some people are really adverse to giving vaccines. I haven't done a lot of research to know what is right. I don't take my chickens anywhere, or handle anyone else's birds, then mine, but this whole wind thing and the idea of losing them and my original flock kind of freaks me out.

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