First Hatchlings


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Apr 1, 2014

After a failed first attempt to hatch babies I bought 12 chickens from our local feed store. Hubby was determined to hatch babies so we tried again. Today we came home to 4 little ones with 4 more having pips and working on hatching.
I honestly have no idea. We got a mixed batch of eggs from two other chicken friends. Any ideas??
"Breaking News" LOL 6 total hatched, 3 in process. All appear to be healthy and doing well in our dog crate brooder box. We've has a cold snap this week so they'll be indoor residents at least till the weekend. Pics to follow.
So I've read various articles but what are BYC thoughts on the first feed to give day old chicks? Regular chicken starter? Crushed grain or corn??
I think you're supposed to only feed chick starter. I think they need grit if getting anything else. I don't think feeding just crushed grain or corn will give them what they need to properly grow.
Went with chick starter. They are all eating and drinking. 7 total hatched, 1 more almost hatched. 2 didn't make it but had started pipping.
The 8 that hatched earlier this week have graduated from the inside brooder to the outside.

***won't let me post pic grrr***

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