First Incubation and No hatches - Trouble shooting questions

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    Okay so here is the background info:

    - homemade incubator that holds temp very well and humidity well until trying to keep at 65. Still air so kept at 100-102 and around 54-57 humidity for 18 days.
    - set 8 eggs from a small lavender ameraucana who started laying about two weeks prior
    - eggs were small, but she has bantam in breeding background so I assumed acceptable. They were very well formed with good shape and shell thickness, etc. All that I opened prior to setting were fertile.
    - we set eggs horizontally and used an egg turner motor to slowly roll eggs from one end to the other every 8 hours so turning them slightly every few hours.

    We set 8 eggs Nov 25th. On day 23, I had one pip but in the middle of the egg and turned almost 180 degrees from the air cell. I wasn't home to help and we lost it. The other live one (by float test) to pip only made it internally, in the same malposition and the others died very soon before that.
    It was my first incubation so very sad and demoralizing. I checked the two that pipped, which is how I know the positions were oriented wrong. However the chicks were in the right placement body wise with head tucked under the wing and ready to pip. Membranes were NOT dry or shrink wrapped generally. There was some drying at the air sac region on the second.

    Both chicks were perfectly formed, absorbed the yolk and the external pipped one was ready to come out, with blood veins not visible etc only had a slightly large naval still (not sure if this is deformity?)

    What do you think the problem was?

    I am not convinced it was the humidity. Did the small egg size prevent proper positioning to air cell? Again, membranes were not shrink wrapped and air cells were proper size. Late pipping suggests temp slightly too low.

    I have pictures of the first chick, external pipper, if anyone ones to see egg-topsy.

    Thanks for any advice or ideas!!!
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    Someone with more experience should happen by too but, still air should be kept at 102 or the hatch "can" be late(just for future reference) Do you have ventilation holes in it? They do need to get oxygen so those are important. I'm not sure what else could have happened at this point but those were the first two things that come to mind. Just because they were a couple days late though should not really caused them to die.
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    Sounds like your humidity was too high. I don't add water at all to my incubator, but I live in a humid area. Mine stays around 30 to 35%. I bump it to 50% on day 18 and mine hatch fine.
  4. Dcat

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    Mar 19, 2014
    AA County Maryland
    Yeah but, I keep mine at 65% also and have never had an issue, that's why I was wondering about ventilation. Hmmm
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    This is an excellent article on hatch failures

    I too would go with the humidity being slightly high. I personally like 45% day 1-18. Also monitoring the air cells and if I think they are too big or too small I turn the humidity up or down for a day or so. There are also many other things to consider with hatch failures. The parent birds age health and breeding. And as you said your eggs were quite small. As mentioned above oxygen is critical for chicks when they hatch.

    Hope you find the above article usefull and wishing you the very best of luck with future incubating.

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