First layer is suddenly miss bossyfluff.


Dec 5, 2020
First time chicken parents here! We have ten buff Orpingtons hens who are 26 weeks old. One of them matured faster than the others and started laying this last week. It’s been very exciting!!!

She was one of our most docile chicken prior to laying. Definitely lower in the pecking order. Ever since she started laying she has become SUPER bossy! The other chickens hide/run from her because she pecks them and pulls out their feathers. Is this normal or should we be concerned?
she may just be stating her dominance in the pecking order. POL hens will often move up the ladder, and some express it in a way that leads to feather picking or injuries. if she continues to do this, separate her. Aggressive hens are no fun to have in the flock, and she shouldn’t be allowed to injure any other birds or causing stress levels to rise.
It's normal - now that she's laying she's a "big girl." As long as she isn't doing noticeable physical damage or preventing others from eating/drinking, I'd leave them to sort it out themselves.
Ditto Dat!

Onset of lay definitely changes the pecking order, that will continue until all are laying and they figure out the hierarchy(which actually can be ever-changing).
Our first layer this year is also bossy and the leader of the pack. She typically leaves others alone but will peck them on the head if they are in her way. It’s not often so I assume she’s just reminding them.

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