First molt at 9months old

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May 24, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA
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My Coop
I noticed a bunch of feathers under the roost a few weeks ago. Looks like we have our first molt! Nala is only 9 months old, so I was surprised to see her molting already. It’s about 20 degrees here in PA and we’ve been getting a lot of snow compared to previous years. We’ve been giving her extra protein to help regrow her feathers, but boy does she look haggard! 😂

anyone else’s chickens molt in the middle of winter?


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I have a couple doing light molts and it was in the low teens this morn. You would think their bodies would say "no way! Not dropping feathers now!" It does seem like just small sections or areas though.

I've been feeding 22% and not noticed as much molting. Since feathers are almost all protein and most labeled "feather fixer" feeds are higher protein it just adds up.
anyone else’s chickens molt in the middle of winter?
It can happen.

Chickens molt and grow a new set of feathers 2-3 times before around 6 months of age, those are called the juvenile molts.
Some pullets will have a partial molt their first fall/winter.
Most birds will have their first full adult molt their second fall/winter.

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