First night in coop...HELP!


7 Years
Mar 7, 2012
Western New York
We just finished our coop and run today. We' loaded the chickens in and they seem to love it right away, much more air and room than the wood shed! Now the sun is going down and they are acting crazy. They aren't going into the coop and keep trying to roost on the top of the tin roof (that we thought we had at enough of an angle). Do they just now know that they are supposed to go in there at night?

My husband thinks that we should put them in there at night and close the chicken door for several nights (and re-open in the morning) so that they get the idea that they should go inside when the sun goes down, is that a good idea??
Yes that is a good idea. I am happy to say that your husband is right. Preserves my 'man card'. Actually closing the 'chicken door' every night guarantees their protection from predators.
Putting them in there by hand a few nights and shutting the door will help them learn where "home" is. My first chickens would try to roost on ME when I would go in there to put them to bed lol. After a while, all you will have to do is just go shut the door (or not, I just always keep them locked up at night, personal preferance I guess).
Thanks! He's closed them in for the night and they are much calmer now. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that they may not know what their new home was!! :)
Oh yes definitely show them were home is at night ~ maybe for a week! You can install a nightlight in there too. You may also have to put them up on the roosts.
They catch on quickly though
good luck!
Actually, we just went through this. I placed a light (with a timer) in the coop. I had to put them in by hand for the first night or two, and had the light on for about an hour. By the third day, they were running in themselves! Even though they now go in by themselves every night, I lock the coop - open the door at dawn to let them out. They feel safe, and I feel safer knowing they are secure. Good Luck!

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