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    This is the first time I have had a chicken act like this and I have had chickens for almost six years now....she is about two years old maybe a little younger....she was laying eggs before not sure if she is now...she doesnt walk very fast and stays puffed up and does a lot of sitting...what on earth could be wrong with her? Egg bound? What should I do? She is eating, drinking, and pooping...her poop looks normal. I fed them some hard boiled duck eggs this weekend and she chowed down on them...not sure what to do...I really feel sorry for her! [​IMG]
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    Puffing up and a lot of sitting does mean she is quite ill (eggbound, virus, parasites, etc etc etc). The cause could be one of many things but it's serious once at the point of puffing up and sitting around. If it is possible, hurry her to an avian vet.
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    Feel her belly for a hardness - like an egg. If you don't find one, then I'd do a search here for Valbazen posts made by dawg53 and follow his recommendations to de-worm her as that, in my opinion, may be your best "guess" and fastest way to help her. If you feel a hardness, then search for egg bound here as many have posted their methods (warm baths, olive oil, etc.) for helping their hens expel the egg. I will tell you this from experience...any delay in starting treatment is lethal - these girls go fast once they're this ill. Oh, also check for mites/lice...they could be making her VERY sick.

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