First quilt block swap


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12 Years
Jun 25, 2007
at the covered bridge, PA
Did anyone else ever finish the quilt from the first swap we did, I finally finished. I just hand quilted on the diagonal and selected a chicken themed fabric for the back. Nothing fancy, but finally compeleted.


Show yours if you finished, would love to see
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Nice job Sara, I remember finding that thread last year and being sad faced because it was all filled up. Then I got to the last page and not everyone had followed thru. I hurried up and made the blocks and ya all let me send them and join. I am really glad I got to join that swap.

Now I have mine all ready to work with but have been so busy trying to finish up quilt tops I had done and joining more swaps that I have not got to do my piecing of this top but I will be sure to post here when I get it done.

Thanks for sharing the finished quilt with us you did a great job.
Wow Sara, that's really pretty! I like the way you put the colour scheme together, and the back is cute!
Are you keeping it? I would, it's a BYC classic to have for memories and stuff!

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