First Rabbit show, and results are a bit disapointing :(

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Well I went to my first rabbit show this morning. I got there at around 7:30, and my friend (who has done this before) got there at 8 and helped me to fill out my papers etc. I took my pair of Siamese Satins and my Mini lop kits that where born on August 5th.

    First of all it was A LOT of fun, but wow hectic! I think from now on unless I go with someone who will be able to show one of my breeds I will just take one breed. I entered all six rabbits I took into two of the three shows ( only some breeds got three shows). The satins went first but before it got to the Siamese they called the Mini-lops, so I had to go get them, luckally the two tables where next to each other so I was able to go back and forth.

    So the less then great results [​IMG]

    Buster - Siamese Satin buck
    1st show (don't remember who judged it, they didn't put the name on the remark card)
    Placed 2 of 2
    Head - good
    Ears - good
    Bone - good
    Type - Good
    Shoulders - Good
    Hindquarters - Depth ( Lacking depth I am guessing? I did notice it for the first time last wee he has a flat butt)
    Nothing checked or written for Fur/Wool, Sheen, Density
    Texture - Fair
    Color - Good

    2nd show-(again don't know who judged it)
    Placed 2 of 2
    Head- Good
    Ears - Good
    Crown- blank
    Bone -good
    Type - low/soft (what does that mean exactly?)
    nothing from shoulders to sheen
    Density- Good
    Texture - good
    Color - blank

    Sage - Siamese Satin Doe
    1st show (don't remember who judged it, they didn't put the name on the remark card)
    DQ because she weighed 7lbs 14 oz (under the 8 pounds required)
    Head -
    Ears -
    Bone -
    Type - long
    Shoulders - fair
    Midsection- fair
    Hindquarters - Fair
    nothing till texture
    Texture- fair

    2nd show (don't remember who judged it, they didn't put the name on the remark card)
    She wasn't DQ'd this time???? Must of thought she weighed enough?
    Placed 2 of 2
    Head - good
    Ears - Good
    Nothing from crown to type
    Shoulders - Good
    Midsection - Good
    Hindquarters - Lacks
    nothing from fur to Sheen
    Density - Good
    Texture - Lacks
    Color - Good

    I like that they where judged by two different judges ( in this case I much preferred the second results and the second judge commented that they where very nice animals, but had unfinished coats at this time) this was explained to me that meant the coats where not fully in yet from molting.

    Then The other four I took where my Mini lop kits ( I love these guys and was so proud of them until I got to the show) They are nothing like the other mini lops, sure they are two months younger but I can easily see the difference. I knew it would go badly and it did.

    First show was judged by Bob Koch Not sure who did the second show. Whoever wrote for the second judge sucked. The judge took a long time explaining what was good and bad about each rabbit and I was looking forward to compare the results, only to find nothing is even checked on the score cards. There are a few comments at the bottom of three, but grrrrr.
    One thing that hurt even though I had a feeling it was coming was Horatio's DQ. He is not a blue pointed white he is a martinized point. So I will be selling him even though I have wanted to keep him from the day one when I found his plump little pinkness in the nestbox. I am very, very depressed about this. I know it doesn't mean I have to get rid of him. But though they are a hobby I don't have the room to keep a rabbit (especially a buck) who can't at least contribute show-able colors to the genetic pool. His father may well be going as well.
    Anyway here is what the first judge had to say
    N1 N2(Chrissy) N3 (Horatio) N4
    Head fair good fair
    Ears Crown Folded good
    Type fair good
    Shoulders fair good
    Midsection good
    Hindquarters Pinched
    Density Fair
    Texture fair uneven Baby coat

    Placed 3/3 5/5 DQ 2/3
    2nd show 4/4 5/5 DQ 3/4

    Notes : n1-show 2-Too long on body N4-show 2 -needs more fullness and depth

    So N4 beat N1 both times. And Chrissy had some good points, both commented on the placement of the crown (to far back) and the way the ears lop. All had issues with the hindquarters being either Pinched or simply not having enough depth. And the coats where commented on by both judges as being uneven, but they both also said a lot of the coat issues is their age.

    Since I am going to be getting rid of Horatio (this is the right choice right?) no one is like working on getting martinized point accepted, because if so..... No.... I am going to get rid of Horatio. Should I keep one of these does? Or would it be better to not bother? Are they worth working with or should I just sell them and buy a better buck or doe to go with what I have? Would it be fair to say that I need to add a mini lop to my herd that has an amazing head/ears/crown and a great hindquarter? Would this improve the quality of what I already have? I am really liking the colors I am starting to get ( Siamese Sables, steels etc) and don't want to start completely over.

    Here are a couple links to posts with there pictures in them

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    If you are trying to develop a good line for breeding and showing, you will need to weed out the ones that are DQ'd. Also, set aside any that have faults. I have a broken blue French Angora that is stunning with a fault: He doesn't have a complete butterfly on his face. But, I will show him because rarely are there any other brokens in my category, so I have a chance to get him a GC.

    Do you have ARBA's Standard of Perfection? It can help a TON with judging your own rabbits. I would also encourage attending a few shows without entering, and pay very close attention to what is said about the BoB and the BoS winners.
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    Apr 29, 2007
    I fully admit I know zero about rabbits and even less about Rabbit Shows. However, I have shown Horses for over 30 years and I used to get upset, get my feelings hurt by this judge or that until a friends father told me this " Remember you are only paying for someones opinion, what really matters is how you feel"

    I do keep that in mind, even though, I of course try to have the best quality horses I can afford and I work hard getting them ready to show, that saying is always in the back of my mind [​IMG]
  4. debilorrah

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    Quote:Showing rabbits is different from showing cats and that is different from showing dogs and that is different from showing horses, etc. Different rules. Rabbit showing is so freakin complicated; body, head, wool, coat, ears, weight, length, gait (for some breeds). I think anyone that tries to successfully show more than two breeds of rabbits is certifiable.

    One of the reasons I encourage attending a show or two without entries is that when you have an entry you tend to pay attention to what the judges say about your rabbit, and what you really need to hear is why the winners are winning. I learned so much from just attending and following people around and asking questions. Rabbit people are also INCREDIBLY supportive of each other. If you can find another person with the same breed, they are sure to help you out. Also, I have found the ARBA judges to be extremely helpful.

  5. bossynbella

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    Aug 11, 2007
    I spent most of the time at the table listening. Especially with the last show of mini lops, there was nothing else I needed to pay attention to so I just stood there with my junior solid buck (my poor Horatio) and listened while I waited my turn. I know my bunnies are not at the quality that theres are but.... any chance the biggest factor is age? They looked like bunnies on steriods compared to mine. The judges kept saying that they still had their baby hair. They where born August 5th so they are three months old, their juniors and their seniors where so close to the same size I had a hard time telling what was up.

    I definitely think I will be focusing on only one breed at each show. Unless I have someone with me. Also since my sr satin doe was 2 oz short of making weight, any suggestions for "fattening" her up before the next show? I have a while since the next one I know of is in April.
  6. debilorrah

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    Quote:Jr's are ALWAYS the first to be DQ'd because of weight. I have never heard of an anorexic rabbit, so just continue to feed them as normal. I have one doe who has such a dense and fine coat, that the judges NEVER even think to weigh her. She is an entire pound underweight. Solid body, great structure, won her GC last show too. She is not unhealthy, just small with a HUGE coat. [​IMG]

    I also know that entering your first show and finding out that you have less than the best is a bit of a kick in teeth. Unlike dog showing, the judges from ARBA remember the RABBIT, not the person. There is very little politicking in the rabbit world, so you are safe from having to deal with that part of it. Are you uber attached to any of your buns? The ones that earned good/great scores could be used as breed stock, with other winners offspring you could buy.
  7. Quote:In the past I have shown rabbits and you are right it is a lot of fun.

    I remember that a lot of times the different judges did have truly different opinions on the same animal which can be very confusing.

    I think it would be very hard to breed out those pinched hindquarters.I'm not that familiar with the Mini Lop standard but when I bred and showed Holland Lops best I can remember the crown was the most important part of the breed as in it counted for the most points.

    I would compare the score cards with the standard of the breed. If they scored poorly to the standard break down that gives the most points I would have to question if I wanted to keep the stock if I was serious about showing AND winning.

    When you take them to the next show maybe you can find someone that can give you more advise as to whether your rabbits' faults can be bred out with a better buck.

    Another consideration is how many generations would this take if it could be done and how many more better quality rabbits would it take? Ask yourself how many years do you want to spend to get competitive rabbits?

    For now I think it could be a great learning experience to show what you have,study the winning rabbits in your breeds and their standards.If you continue to be serious about rabbit showing this is also a good time to find out whose bloodlines are consistently winning.

    Meanwhile don't get discouraged because it's probably not often for a newcomer to have first place winners.

    Hang in there and have fun. [​IMG]

  8. bossynbella

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    Aug 11, 2007
    It was a senior doe not a junior doe.

    My satins didn't do that bad. I think they really where as nice as the others. I have no doubt that by adding a larger doe with great hindquarters we can get some beautiful babies.
    Comparing my Mini-Rex (who I left home) with the ones there they stack up pretty well. It's just my Mini Lops that look well too long with not as good crowns as those at the show. Could I sell all my mini lops and start over. Yes. Do I want to do that? No. I am thinking of adding a great looking pair of mini lops in the spring. A good buck and a good doe with great hindquarters and a great crown/head. That will give me not only a pair who should produce good show quality mini lops, but also allow me to cross said buck with the other two does I have to get better quality rabbits, hopefully in the cool colors we are getting right now. I know color comes last but.... I really like the pointed the shaded and the steels.
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    Jan 9, 2009
    Having bred & showed Netherlands years ago ( RB 1990 ARBA Convention) I have some knowledge for showing. 1st. 3 months is way young to be showing. Most jrs are at the top end as far as age. ie 5 1/2 months if a jr is 6 month & under. To thing to do is place the rabbit in the class where it can do best. If it is 6 omnths & a week. It will not have the developement as a year old rabbit will. At their age, you don't have a fair chance at choosing type. I would suggest that you let them develope to adult hood, then decide which has the best breed type, especially if you are a newer breeder. You might want to find an breeder in your area that can mentor you about your stock & chosen breed. Remember that everyone starts somewhere, and if you want to be a top breeder in the show world you have to get the best stock you can, breed them, & cull hard ( sell off the stock that doesn't make the cut) If you let your heart rule, and want to keep your pets ( not knocking here) then just keep them, enjoy & love them for what they are faults & all. You can always breed a few, pets for the pet market & not worry about the standard showbred stock. You just need to decide what you really want out of your buns. Good luck!

  10. I know exactly what you are talking about on the cool colors.

    When I used to go to rabbit shows it was always the colors that were the least interesting to me that did the most winning.

    It was hard for my hard head to grasp. [​IMG] I think I finally got it but I always loved my lessor quality rabbits better because I've always enjoyed non-traditional colors in almost any animal.

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