First set hatched, only one fatality...

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    Aug 24, 2007
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    Out of the two hens I have brooding now, one set hatched with a 50 percent hatch rate. I think it could have been more but she left the nest to care for the litle ones.... I had 6 hatch, and when I got home from work tonight, one was dead. I guess he got too cold cause he was in the middle of the coop and VERY COLD! There were still 6 eggs in the nest when she left them. They all were ice cold so I tossed them. Each one had an almost fully developed Chick inside. Had I removed the chicks after they hatched, I might have gotten more.... but I wanted her to raise this
    But, I have removed these remaining chicks and brought them inside where it's warm... I'll raise these too till Spring I I'll post pics tomorrow am...
  2. WOW.

    I'm not a breeder so it sounds incredible to me. So much 'tossing' (ugh) but then this wonderful and amazing new life on the way.

    Congrats and good luck w/ it!!

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