First Squabble Between Young Roos


8 Years
Aug 4, 2011
Central Wisconsin
I noticed this evening a bit of posturing and eyeing between my SS and EE roos. This went on to some circling from the EE and continued eyeing from the SS. After two pecks from the EE it escalated into some spurring (though they don't have spurs yet, only 8 weeks old) with the victor being the EE. The EE continued to chase the SS for a bit but it ended after he retreated to the coop. This occurred while they were in the 12x8 run. They are now outside free ranging and are having no problems with each other. At this point my EE is the dominant roo of 5. Two are unwanted and will be culled when they fatten up but three of which I plan on keeping. I guess what I am trying to get to is how long are my "teen" roos going to be working out their pecking order? My coop (once finished) will be approximately 240 sq feet with free access to an attached 12x8 run and a half wall dividing the inside in half for a sight barrier. Is this going to be sufficient for 3 roos and 28 hens to be cooped up in all winter? My roos seem to get along well when free ranging, but of course they are only just starting to feel their hormones... I do have cages if I need to separate them, I just don't want to go out to feed one day and find a blood bath. I plan on adding another, larger, attached run but not until spring... Any input would be greatly appreciated
Minimum ranging space you need for your 31 is 310 sq ft. Your total space is 336 sq ft - just there. Sounds like your coop is pretty big so if everyone stays inside on some winter days they'll be OK. But they will probably be happier if they get to free range, since you're at the minimum of enclosed space. If there is anyway to increase your run size, I would do it.
I suppose bumping up the run project wouldn't hurt, its just finding the time and cash to get it done. Does anyone house roos together in one coop during winter? Also when are my boys going to get over this "teen" behavior? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some well behaved boys as I want to use them for some breeding projects/experiments but of course if they turn nasty they will be culled. What age is appropriate to draw the line between hormone driven "teen" roo and mature roo with a bad attitude?

Also I thought I would add I am located in Wisconsin so I would say for probably 75-85% of our winter days, the birds probably won't want to go out or even be able to go out. Heck I don't even get out in winter all that much LOL Feed the critters then I'm right back in where its warm
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