first time broody hen?

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    Dec 16, 2012
    well i have been longing my hen to go broody and finally shes started showing signs! shes laying on 6 eggs ! shes went all puffy and shoving eggs underneath her but sometimes she moves half way of the nest and theres like 4 eggs uncovered oops! but she moves back onto them. but now i have noticed shes kind of dehidrating herself is this normal? thanks !
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    Broody hens are obsessive little darlings, aren't they?,.

    Hens will instinctively move eggs around to keep them growing at the same rate. It's amazing. Warm eggs get moved to the outside to cool while she heats up cooler eggs. Then she'll move them again and again.

    She also will leave the nest only once or twice a day, and as the hatch date approaches, she might not get off the nest at all the last day or two.

    I keep food and water quite near a broody hen's nest so she doesn't have to go far to eat or drink. They don't use a whole lot of energy setting; they go into a near trance state on the eggs.

    Your hen sounds quite normal. :)

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