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Aug 24, 2019
hi. we are first time chicken owners and when purchased were 99 percent guaranteed they were all laying hens. they are about 4 1/2 months old and one is laying eggs already. just cracked an egg open for the fist time this morning and from what i've read online, it looks to be fertilized which i'm hoping is not the case. is anyone able to tell me what breed and gender our 4 chickens are, it would be much appreciated. attached is a picture of each chicken numbered 1-4 rather than their names.
IMG_5452 (1).jpg
IMG_5448 (2).jpg
IMG_5442 (1).jpg
IMG_5439 (1).jpg
All appear female. No saddle or hackle feathers seem to be present.

#2 looks like a white Plymouth Rock

#3 Looks like a Black Australorp.

#4 has feathered legs and copper in the neck feathers leading me to this an Black Copper Marans or an EE or OE that has Marans in the genetic mix.
The good news is they are all hens
1-2 looks like my Rhode Island White hens build wise but she's got a bit of coloring where they are all white for the hens which leads to thinking Amber Link
3 looks almost like on olive egger I have that was a cross of Blue Jersey giant roo on barred rock hen, but not quite so leaning towards Jersey Giant

sorry not familiar with the ones that have feathered feet so not venturing a guess there
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