First Time Eggers!


Mar 30, 2016

Hello, Guess what everybody! One of our ladies gave us our first time EVER egg yesterday! We found ANOTHER egg this morning when we checked on our girls. We are brand new chicken owners since late March and could not be more thrilled! I do have a few questions though, if that is ok? We got our chicks on March 25th, 2016. We were told then that they were already almost a week old. Are my girls laying early? I do not think they are all the same age, because some are bigger and more developed and others are smaller and don't even have their red comb yet. Do my girls need to be on layer food now, even though some are younger and not laying yet? We think only one lady possibly two are laying right now. What things should I look for now that some of my ladies are laying? Do they need any other supplements? Is it normal for them to pick at one another's waddles or combs? The two little brown eggs are the eggs I was talking about. The white ones are normal store bought. I wanted a size reference.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day, Sarah*

Another newbie here. We also got 5 chicks on Mar 27th and we got two eggs today!! We have 3 Buff Orpingtons, 1 Ameraucana and 1 Gold sex-link. I think one of the Orpingtons and the gold sex-link laid the eggs today!! The eggs pretty small, one is light brown and the other is brown (not dark). I did notice that these two have red wattles and comb and worried that they might be cockerel but glad to find the eggs today.
Your girls are around 17 weeks old - right on time to start laying! Hens will start laying between 16-20 weeks of age, though depending on the breed it could be later. I would give everyone layer feed with free choice oyster shell for good egg production. My chickens will kind of peck at each other's combs/wattles if there is food/something on them, so I wouldn't worry unless it is aggressive or they draw blood.
Congrats!!! :) all the hard work is beginning to pay off!

I got my first group about the same time, late March. They started to lay about 2 weeks ago. All indications were that mine were early, yours are right on schedule.

The only thing I would say about feed. Many continually feed a grower or all flock even after their birds start to lay, while supplementing with oyster shell at liberty in a separate container. The major differences between layer and grower feed are protein (16 vs 20) calcium (higher in layer, ~3%), and fat ( higher in layer). If your giving oyster shell and scratch grain, all flock or grower may be a better feed choice.

My very first egg! Surprise because chicks born on or around March 10. I didnt expect any for awhile. But one of two Rhode Island Reds looks more mature, with fuller comb. The other two of my four hens are Buff Orpingtons and they are prolificlayers, I hear. But they arent as fully mature looking. The one with least comb is friendliest and wants to be held. The others do mot, but will come for treats. This egg s so early, i only just switched to layer feed!
Oh my gosh how exciting! The first egg is always the best and so fun!! For the feed I have experienced the challenge of having some chickens on layer and some chickens on a grower. I have seen that as soon as one Kay's the next start to begin there cycle. I have tried to keep them on later feed in the day and grower feed at night. Now, what people will say is too much calcium if you are not laying will cause kidney damage but once they get to a certain age, which your girls are at, they need to somewhat store some calcium to prepare for that first egg. Does that make sense?? And do not worry about the pecking it is what is known as the pecking order. As long as no blood or harsh feelings, okay maybe some, all is good!! Hope this helps!! Congrats.

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