First time hatching duck eggs & duckling has pipped out of air cell.

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May 4, 2014
Well we are finally here and im so thankfull weve had some mortalitys along the way but I currently have 2 eggs that are in the hatching process!!!
One cracked his egg lastnight and this morn had another crack alongside it but not enough to come through.. Is this called unzipping?
And egg 2 has pipped himself a hole but hes not in the air cell end and the white outer membrane is tough to remove and dry, I very carefully avoiding the red veins pulled away at the inner membrane (which dosent appear dry although i didnt touch it) a lil to allow a bit of space around his beak but haven't dares to do anymore. I have wrapped him up in a warm super wet cloth and put him back in the incubator.
What more should I do right now?
You have done the right thing by putting it back in the incubator. If you saw red veins still he is not ready to hatch yet must still have absorbing to do. If he has pipped at the wrong end of the egg I would give the assisted hatching a good read it's very good and talks you through it all. As too your first egg cracks can appear at first but zipping is more like them munching through the shell as they turn I know that dosnt sound very technical but I'm not sure how else to describe it. Try not to panic and take a deep breath I have now come to the thinking of what will be will be. Good luck with your eggs.
Thankyou I will give it a thourough reading through and proceed from there when and if need be.. Here is a pic of Duckybaby thus far..
And is it normal for the outer white membrane to be so thick and tough?
That membrane looks good and normal. If they are too dry/tough they start turning tan/brown. The link Yorkshire coop posted up there is absolutely WONDERFUL and helped me assist my latest duckling out when she pipped the wrong end of the egg. She is now 2 weeks old and doing great. Good luck and keep us updated!

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