First time hatching


6 Years
Apr 15, 2014
first time hatching chicks here and have been given some conflicting advice. We were told not to open the incubator after day 18 to keep the humidity up. Fine, understood. Our incubator STINKS so bad so we have a possible rotten egg in there that we should “find and remove immediately” but we can’t do that without opening the lid and losing humidity. Our first chick hatched this morning, no signs of pips in any other eggs yet. When we candled at 18 days (before lockdown) they all looked viable and we didn’t start smelling anything until day 20.

What should I do? Also, when do I take the new chick out of the incubator? It keeps looking at me and chirping. It’s not completely dry yet
I myself open the incubator after day 18 during most of my hatches as long as you aren't leaving it open for a long time then things should be ok. I have had eggs pipped and opened it up to take a peak inside not best practice but didn't have any issues with anything. There is a chance that the babies could get shrink wrapped if you open it up and let all the humidity out.

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